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Dating sites usa gdp zero

Dating sites usa gdp zero

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Figures in this table are the latest data released on 16 August Revised figures In Hong Kong, the first released figures on GDP by expenditure component in respect of a period are called "advance estimates". When more data become available, the figures will be revised.

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This routine revision is in accordance with the international practice to compile and release GDP figures at the earliest possible time by using only partial data.

All those figures published subsequently, on revision, are called "revised figures".

In general, the figures are finalised when data from all regular sources are incorporated. For more information on the forecast of GDP, please click here.

Dating sites usa gdp zero

Changes over time in the GDP at current prices can be factored into two components, reflecting: a changes in the prices of goods and services produced or purchased ; and b changes in their volumes. Changes of chained dollar estimates of GDP reflect changes in the volume of production or consumption of goods and services from one period to another.

The effect of changes in prices has been removed.

In the seasonally adjusted GDP series, since seasonal effects have been removed statistically, figures for consecutive quarters can be compared more meaningfully. When the year-on-year changes for the quarterly figures in the original GDP series and the quarter-to-quarter changes in the seasonally adjusted GDP series are analysed together, the trend of the GDP can be more clearly discerned.

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