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Dating canada indian affairs

Dating canada indian affairs

These records, which are designated Record Group 10 RG 10are arranged using the original central registry system that was established in It was called the Red Series because it was kept in a book with a Red Cover. In the Black Series was established which contains the records for Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, British Columbia and the Maritime provinces.

In the Maritimes were transferred to the Red Series Most files are arranged by band, agency or district and then by the date they cover. The database enables one to search under many different fields.

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This is particularly important if you find a reference that provides the volume and file number. The database is very specific in terms of how words are spelt in a document.

If you fail to have any success be sure to try other ways to spell a word. Western Ontario records may be found in either of the series but if they are part of the dating canada indian affairs database they will be reported. Currently, volumes to in the Red Series are available in digital format; these volumes were scanned in black and white from microfilm reels C to C The remaining Red Series and the entire Black Series will be digitized in the upcoming year and added to this database.

Fields: Keywords: Enables you to search all fields alone or in combination.

File Number: Enables you to find a specific file or, if wild card characters are used, several files belonging to a series. Outside Dates: To access records with a range of dates, for exampleit is necessary to include either the beginning year or end year that appears in the file description they cannot be accessed by indicating any years that fall between the Outside dates.

Dating canada indian affairs; treaties and agreements

Microfilm Reel Number: Enables you to retrieve all the records on the same microfilm reel numbers were assigned by Library and Archives Canada. Descriptions with Digitized Images: Enables you to retrieve only the records with digitized images. Use these terms in conjunction with a place name, a band name.

This search engine is useful if you have a book, article or document that refers to particular sources in Library and Archives Canada. You can also enter a microfilm number.

Sometimes you will see all the documents found in that microfilm and sometimes just a few. Particular references will be outlined in the regional guides which are being prepared.

Dating canada indian affairs

Ancestors Search This search pages searches databases that have been created within Library and Archives Canada. It can be searched by a particular name. At the bottom of the page there are links to other databases found on other sites in Canada.

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