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Dating issues meaning south africa

Dating issues meaning south africa

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Of all the money market instruments, NCDs have the largest market capitalisation outstanding amount. The chart below shows NCDs outstanding as a ratio of deposits. Primary market Demand for NCDs arises from a wide array of institutions including money market funds, banks other than the issuer, mining houses, pension funds, insurance companies, cash-rich commercial and industrial companies, and high net-worth individuals.

These instruments are available across the full maturity spectrum and quality spectrum. Banks are willing to tailor maturity dates to meet the needs of investors. NCDs offer the same security as a term deposit with the bank in question, but are fully negotiable before the date of maturity.

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Not all banks are able to issue NCDs at the same rate. The rates payable depend on the rating of the bank by a recognised rating agency.

The smaller banks have difficulty in issuing NCDs. Banks via their treasury divisions are in daily contact with the larger investors and endeavour to market their NCDs to cover maturities and to accommodate new funds available.

The banks also respond to contact initiated by investors. Ownership distribution No statistics on ownership distribution are available in South Africa at present, but they are held by the same institutions that are involved in the primary market, as mentioned above.

Dating issues meaning south africa

The main holders tend to be the financial intermediaries, particularly pension funds, money market funds and insurance companies. Cash-rich companies, such as mining houses, are also large investors.

Secondary market An NCD issued to bearer is transferable by delivery alone. If an NCD is issued repayable to a particular depositor, it is transferable by delivery plus the endorsement on the reverse of the certificate.

The endorsement may be in blank or to order.

This means that they are prepared to quote firm buying and selling rates, for immediate settlement, on their own NCDs, and in amounts of R million. They are usually only prepared to make a market in NCDs with a currency of up to one year.

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The discount houses were prepared to make a market in all prime NCDs during the period of their existence, from to No institution, other than the banks, at this stage is prepared to make a market in all NCDs. The main participants in the secondary market are the money market funds, the pension funds, insurance companies and mining houses.

Issue and dealing mathematics The NCD, which is simply a fixed deposit that is negotiable, is the most issued and traded money market instrument in the South African money market.

NCDs are issued in a number of ways and different mathematics applies in each case. These variables are used to calculate the consideration, ie the amount to be paid by the purchaser or received by the seller.

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The consideration is nothing https://telemeetlove.site/16blog/unknown-dating-sites-8862.php but the PV. An example will be useful. A company would like to invest an amount close to R1 million and approaches its broker in this regard. Payment on maturity date On maturity date the holder of an NCD presents the certificate to the issuing bank, which issues a cheque for the face value plus the accrued interest, ie the maturity value.

Dating issues meaning south africa

Payment will be automatic and electronic to the holder on maturity.

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