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Dating matrix for men zero

Dating matrix for men zero

The actual query to be parsed. See Query string syntax. Defaults to the index.

What is the Online Dating Matrix? The Online Dating Matrix, an online dating tool created by Mario the "GetGameGuy" of Get Game Group Dating Coaching.

The default value is OR. Defaults to 50 fuzziness Set the fuzziness for fuzzy queries. See Fuzziness for allowed settings. If zero, then exact phrase matches are required.

By setting this value to true, a best effort will be made to analyze those as well. This protects against too-difficult e. See also JODA timezone.

Dating matrix for men zero

This allows to use a field that has a different analysis chain for exact matching. Look here for a comprehensive example.

Instead the queryparser would parse around only real operators. When a multi term query is being generated, one can control how it gets rewritten using the rewrite parameter. Default Field edit When not explicitly specifying the field to search on in the query string syntax, the index.

Note that this will not include nested documents, use a nested query to search those documents.

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Fields can be provided via the "fields" parameter example below. The fields parameter can also include pattern based field names, allowing to automatically expand to the relevant fields dynamically introduced fields included. The query string is parsed into a series of terms and operators. A term can be a single word — quick or brown — or a phrase, surrounded by double quotes — "quick brown" click which searches for all the words in the phrase, in the same order.

Operators allow you to customize the search — the available options are explained below. If you omit the OR operator the default operator will be used title: quick OR brown title: quick brown where the author field contains the exact phrase "john smith" author:"John Smith" where any of the fields book.

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Only parts of the analysis chain that operate at the character level are applied. So for instance, if the analyzer performs both lowercasing and stemming, only the lowercasing will be applied: it would be wrong to perform stemming on a word that is missing some of its letters.

When compared to the above example query, the phrase "quick fox" would be considered more relevant than "quick brown fox". Ranges edit Ranges can be specified for date, numeric or string fields.

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