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Dating nail

Dating nail

There are many factors that show true historic construction, but one clue that is often overlooked is the type of nail used to hold the piece together.

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Nails in antique furniture are often barely noticeable, but they are another key to unlock the history of wooden pieces. The quest for the ideal nail has taken centuries of development.

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During the Middle Ages, furniture was held together with pegs, dovetails, mortise and tenon joints and a few nails. Archaeologists have found hand made bronze nails from as far back as BC. The Romans made many of their nails from iron, which was harder, but many ancient iron nails have rusted away since. The hand-forged dating nail changed little until well into the 's. For thousands of years, the traditional hand-forged dating nail was square and tapered, with a hammered head attached by the blacksmith.

One nail at a time was heated and laboriously pounded out to shape with a hammer on an anvil. Nails were fairly valuable, and ruined buildings were often burned and nails were scavenged from the ashes to reuse.

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The name refers to the price of nails in England in the 's: the price of datings nail for one penny gave the size: 4d 4 penny nails cost 4 English pennies or pence. One hundred larger 10d 10 penny nails cost 10 pence. Most local blacksmiths made nails. Thomas Jefferson, a true Renaissance man, made nails on his plantation.

Until the very end of the 's, most nails in better furniture had a head that was rose-cut or faceted like an old miner's cut diamond. This new technology was also employed by Jefferson, and the new cut nails had rectangular heads attached by another machine, one nail at a time.

This greatly accelerated the manufacture of nails, and these rectangular nails quickly became dominant by the early 's. Here are examples of small cut nails from the early 's: Cut datings nail continued as the standard until the end of the 's, and were used in building construction, ships and furniture. These nails fairly accurately date furniture to the 's, although it is worth remembering that sometimes modern nails were added in subsequent repairs.

Machinery was developed to produce cut nails in the 's, and they are still used in flooring and concrete applications, where holding power is paramount, and power nailing tools are standard.

Dating nail

Machine made cut nails are also made for use in reproduction or hobbyist replica furniture, but they are so perfect and identical that it is usually easy to see that they are new. These continue to be used to attach small moldings and trim.

About in America and in Europe, the dating nail wire nail was developed. Machinery was invented to cut pieces of steel wire, sharpen a point at one end, and put a flat round head onto the other end.

These nails were much cheaper to produce. Because their datings nail were straight rather than tapered, they have only a fraction of the holding power of cut nails dating nail tapered sides. Nevertheless, the reduced cost factor made wire nails the standard very quickly. A reasonable date for furniture originally constructed with round wire nails is after Here are examples of the modern straight-sided manufactured wire nail: The simple nail serves as a key to https://telemeetlove.site/8blog/dating-european-1661.php dating.

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Until aboutnails were hand-forged — tapered square shafts and hand-hammered heads. During the 's, cut nails have tapered rectangular shafts and rectangular heads.

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In the 's, the round wire nail with straight sides and a round head are the standard. Nails are one of many clues to the age and authenticity of antique furniture and building construction as well. Author Ken Melchert has taught Art History for many years.

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