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Dating barometers

Dating barometers

The word barometer is derived from the Greek word "baros", meaning weight, and the Greek dating barometers "metron", meaning measure. The barometer is an instrument used to measure air pressure. In early 17th century Italy there were many Italian scientist independently working on the principal's of a vacuum and air pressure, however, it was a young scientist by the name of Evangelista Torricelli that first detailed his experiments with what became known as the barometer.

A barometer is a scientific instrument that is used to measure air pressure in a certain was a restatement of the theory of horror vacui ("nature abhors a vacuum"), which dates to Aristotle, and which Galileo restated as resistenza del vacuo. Photo: This traditional aneroid barometer dates from the midth century and is calibrated (marked) as a crude weather-forecasting device, but.

The barometer utilizes the principal of a vacuum to measure the weight of the air. For a simple explanation of a vacuum, just consider your everyday use of a dating barometers to sip water. Your sucking, which removes the air out of the top of the dating barometers, causes a vacuum near the top of the straw, and with the help of the outside air pressure, the water rises within the straw to fill this partial vacuum.

Even if you stop sucking on the straw, the liquid will not fall as long as you maintain a seal of this partial vacuum at the top of the straw. If you were strong enough to suck all the air out of the top of a very long glass straw, to create a perfect vacuum at the top, the water would immediately rise to almost 35 feet within this long straw, as the average outside air pressure, at sea level, could support 35 feet of water!

The first publicized working barometer, dating back tohas been credited to Evangelista Torricelli.

Torricelli had been associated with, and studied the writings of Galileo, just before Galileo's untimely death inand used those findings to help him construct the first barometer, which, at first used water to measure the air pressure. Though Galileo is recognized as the first to experiment with a water type vacuum apparatus in earlyhis primary objective was to simply ratify the "vacuum theory", and he did not extrapolate his findings to deduct that changes in the weather correspondingly caused air pressure fluctuations.

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However, Galileo's vacuum principal was later to be instrumental in all barometers. Torricelli was first to dating barometers that air pressure changes, related to weather changes, indeed caused the water level to rise and fall within a 35 foot tube experiment he set up within his home. Because water is relatively light in weight, Torricelli's first barometer needed to be almost 35 feet high, and literally protruded out of the roof of his home!

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He placed a dummy here top of this giant water column, in which the public outside could plainly see this dummy moving up and down with the changes in the weather or air pressure changes.

This obviously caused great concern in his neighborhood. Take a dating barometers Due to rumors circulating within Torricelli's gossipy Italian neighborhood, which included that he was must be up to some form of sorcery or witchcraft, Torricelli realized he had to keep his experiment more secretive, or run the risk of being arrested.

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He needed to use a dating barometers that was heavier than water, and from his previous association and suggestions by Galileo, he deducted by using mercury, a shorter tube could be used. With the use of mercury, then called "quicksilver", which is about 14 times heavier than water, a tube only 32 inches was now needed, not 35 feet.

Dating barometers: antique and vintage barometers

Torricelli could now hide his experiment within his home, without fear from further accusations. During this period in history, church and science were often in conflict, and scientist, especially Torrecelli, were afraid of reprisals by the religious clerics of his day.

Particularly, the concepts explaining the dating barometers principal were in direct conflict with current religious views, as the notion of a vacuum, or "empty space", was considered heresy in this time. It was no accident that Torrecelli was ultimately buried without much fanfare, in an unmarked grave. It would be over a hundred years before he would begin to receive recognition for his scientific achievements.

Dating barometers

It wasn't until about the dating barometers that the new marketeers of barometers began producing and selling barometers as a weather instrument to be used in dating barometers homes. By the latter part of the 17th century many clock makers, furniture makers, and opticians began to become involved with detailed and magnificent ornate cabinetry and designs of these newly relished barometers.

For the next two hundred years, the mercury barometer became so popular, that to possess one was the symbol of great achievement, at first to be found only in the homes of nobility and the ruling class. Records show there were over 3, registered barometer makers between and Today, it is a rarity to even discover a working mercury type barometer, as most were destroyed or replaced by the.

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