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Nova dating reddit

Nova dating reddit

Telescope's front-end is built with React's modular, maintainable components.

Meteor Meteor serves as Telescope's back-bone and built system. That's why we've written Brick By Brick, a free guide that will walk you through everything you need to do to grow an active, engaged community.

Nova makes building apps easier, but it does require some knowledge of the Node and React ecosystems.

You should also be comfortable with using the command line and Git. In other words, it's aimed at intermediate-level developers. What can I build with Nova?

The best use case for Nova is any type of app organized around a feed or database of user-generated content. That being said you can also use Nova's various modules to help build anything at all if you know Meteor and React.

How much does Nova cost to deploy? Note that Nova cannot be hosted on shared hosting.

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Where can I get help with Nova? Check out the Nova Slack group.

If you're looking to hire someone, you can post in the jobs channels of the Slack group or in the Reactiflux chat to find a React developer.

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