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Rihanna is dating drake

Rihanna is dating drake

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Now, the question on everyone's mind is who is Rihanna dating in — and will she bring anyone as her Grammys date? Well, it turns out that Rihanna is reportedly dating year-old Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel, who the singer was first spotted with back in Juneas E! Even though RiRi usually keeps her romances quiet, the Grammys might be the perfect opportunity for the rumored couple to make their red carpet debut.

The Grammys, which air Jan.


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After all, the celebrity equivalent of making a relationship "Facebook official" is bringing a date to an awards show. Fans would probably go crazy over seeing Jameel and Rihanna together, even though plenty of paparazzi photos of the pair have made the tabloid rounds over the past seven months.

Jameel is Rihanna's first apparent boyfriend since the Anti singer ended her on-again-off-again relationship with Drake in Oct.

Now that a few months have passed, a little more than just the fact that the guy is not New Girl's Lamorne Morris is known about RiRi's beau. He sounds pretty impressive, but would you expect anything less for the "Needed Me" singer?

Giphy Rihanna's rumored relationship with Jameel didn't kick off without its share of gossip, though, specifically about how the Saudi heir was rumored to have dated Naomi Campbell before.

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Many speculated that Rihanna's pairing up with Jameel caused a feud with Campbell, but the supermodel has denied those rumors. Us Weekly reports that on Watch What Happens Live last March, Campbell said that the two don't have "beef," and she doesn't feud "with black women that I think are powerful and out there.

Rihanna is dating drake

Besides her Grammy nomination and seemingly solid relationship, the launch of the singer's makeup line, Fenty Beauty, was a huge success. At its September launch, Rihanna released her makeup line in 1, stores spanning across 17 countries.

In some stores, products sold out immediately upon their release, and the line has received enthusiastic praise for its variety of foundation shades that make it the gold standard for inclusive makeup lines. Everything is set in place for Rihanna to have the best While saw her life gain even greater upgrades in career and relationships, her success will likely only continue, much to fans' link.

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While RiRi's privacy is something the singer has always prized, it would definitely be exciting to see she and Jameel out in public together more often. Nobody would ever demand that of Rihanna though, because she's made it clear that she does whatever the hell she wants, and that's how everyone likes it anyway.

A look at Rihanna and Drake's complicated relationship through the the rumors that she was dating then star Tristan Wilds and Drake. Drake and Rihanna had a run-in at Beyoncé and Jay-Z's afterparty for the Lopez and Drake had a fling back in before she and A-Rod started dating.

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