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Vintage dating service

Vintage dating service

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Services to Members More about what we do for members. The Club provides a number of services to its members, the most popular being the Triumph Motorcycle Dating Service, and the Club Archives.

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If you have an old Triumph motorcycle that has never been registered, or one that the DVLA do not have any records for, and you wish to retain the original or obtain an age-related registration number plate vintage dating service you need this service.

Back inthe DVLA started computerising vehicle registrations. Before then registrations were carried out by County Councils or Borough Councils, but Centralised Registration pulled all these records together onto a computerised system.


Of course, many registrations were lost or not transfered by the various councils, and when all the old records had finally been entered by about there were still many vehicles that were not on the new register. To apply for a Date Certificate for your Triumph motorcycle you need to get together as much documentation about your machine as possible, and as many photos as you can get your hands on.

As a minimum you should have photos of both sides of the bike, the Engine Number, and the Frame Number. If you have any original Bills of Sale or Service documents then this will make the job much easier.

Vintage dating service

In fact, any dated information you can supply on your machine will make your case that much stronger. Once you have got all your evidence you need to send it to the Club's Machine Registrar along with your payment.

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Cheques payable to 'Triumph Owners M. After obtaining your Dating Certificate, you can send it along with the appropriate forms to the DVLA to obtain your authorisation to use the original registration number. More information about registering your motorcycle can be obtained from the Gov.

If you have any queries about this service, please use the contact form. Please send a C4 envelope with a large-letter stamp with your Dating Certificate requests. There are numerous original workshop manuals, spares catalogues, factory records, and other information.

You hosts, Sheree, Simon, Claudia, Sebastian and operated, look forward to your visit. Be sure to sip out our wide selection of Central Otago wines. Intergenerational ensuite and shared facilities rooms for up to 30 courthouse bookings essential during Rail Trail Season.

This reference material is used by the Club to answer all sorts of queries - such as original colour link, factory fitted accessories, and what parts go with what engine and frame.

We aren't a lending library and cannot make copies of copyrighted material, but Members of the Club can send technical queries to the Club Archivist or on the Forum or into the magazinewho will do his best to respond with the required information.

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What we can't do is to provide valuations on specific models of Triumph. The trade press is a better indication of what classic Triumphs are going for - and if you have a unique motorcycle then it really depends on how much someone wants to pay for it.

I’m constantly researching what vintage sellers and fashion historians have to say about the nuances of accurately dating vintage clothing and identifying vintage labels and tags when shopping thrift stores, estate sales, your grandmother’s closet and other secret shopping sources! The construction and labeling of clothing garments changed from decade to decade in the 20th century, which is a benefit for vintage lovers who want to learn how to accurately date their clothing, whether for personal or resale services.

Another thing we can't do is to tell you who currently owns a particular motorcycle. As a Club we do not divulge members' details, not just because of the Data Protection Act.

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