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Coin silver dating

Coin silver dating

The occupation of the settlement covers the period between BC - AD, after which it was abandoned.

Coin silver dating, can i find any 1964 silver quarters?

Figures 1 and 2 show the object shortly after excavation. Although the coin marks can be detected on either side under a layer of dirt and corrosion, a precise dating was not possible. This gave cause for cleaning of the coin.

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When severe corrosion is present, the combination of silver chloride and silver bromide is detectable as a thick, sometimes swollen crust with incluisons of sand and dirt.

The coin presented here posesses all of the characteristics described. Possibly, only a small amount of the original silver remains2.

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Silver is a coin silver dating soft metal, due to which it is not uncommon to find corrosion products that are harder compared to the underlying metal. Some silver objects develop a thin layer of secondary silver or irregularly deposited silver chloride between the original metal and the hard corrosion products.

In these cases the corrosion crust can be chipped of by means of a scalpel.

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It involves a great deal of skill to avoid damaging the metal2. The coin presented here does not s suchowh a layer. Therefore the coin will be cleaned by means of electrochemical treatment and this is only possible when the object posesses a metal core.

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The treatment must be carried out in a series of brief and monitored sessions. The coin has been attached to a stainless steel rod, functioning as the cathode. Stainless steel anodes at either side had a total surface of 10 cm2.

The treatment has been carried out with 8. In the beginning each session lasted 15 seconds. After e few sessions the indication of silver amount still being present was confirmed. The treatment sessions were extended to 1 minute each.

In between sessions the object has been placed briefly in an ultrasonic bath with ethanol.

Coin silver dating

The entire electrochemical treatment time took 34 minutes. Sulphur in the surrounding air may give the surface a dark or dull appearance.

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Storage in an air tight box or container prevails here. Sulphur may also be present in the package materials or the exhibition show case.

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Both should be checked for this possible threat. It is not possible to garuantee the removal of all of the chloride contamination.

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For this reason the coin should be kept under dry atmosphere in the air tight box by means of silicagel2. Figures 3 and 4 show the coin after treatment. In the centre is depicted a temple.

Louis the Pius has been one of the Carolingian emperors. He reigned between AD. After treatment the coin can be dated on the basis of coin marks: AD. Coins with these marks have been minted throughout the entire Carolingian empire, usually without a specific mint location4.

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