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Dating capital ng pilipinas

Dating capital ng pilipinas

General Information Location The Philippine archipelago is geographically located between latitude approximately 4o23'N and 21o25'N and longitude approximately oE and oE. The Philippine coastline adds up to 17, km.

Three prominent bodies of water surround the archipelago: the Pacific Ocean on the east, the South China Sea on the west and north, and the Celebes Sea on the south.

This position accounts for much of the variations in geographic, climatic and vegetational conditions in the country. The topography of the bigger islands - particularly Luzon and Mindanao - is characterized by alluvial plains, narrow valleys, rolling hills and high mountains.

The highest mountains are found in Mindanao and Luzon, with the altitudes varying from 1, to 3, meters. Most of the smaller islands are mountainous in the interior, surrounded by narrow strips of discontinuous flat lowlands which constitute the coastal rims.

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The shorelines of both large and small islands are irregular. The city is located on the eastern shore of Manila Bay on Luzon, the country's https://telemeetlove.site/8blog/poz-dating-london-3789.php island. Manila is the second most populous city proper in the Philippines, with more than 1.

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Only nearby Quezon City, the country's former capital, is more populous. Manila is currently included in the roster of global cities of the world. Size It is composed of 7, islands, with a land area ofsq.

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Its length measures 1, kilometers, starting from the point near the southern tip of Taiwan and ending close to northern Borneo. Its breadth is about kilometers. Geography The Philippines Filipino: Pilipinasofficially the Republic of the Philippines Republika ng Pilipinas; RPis an island nation located in Southeast Asia historically grouped with Micronesia during American occupation before independence inwith Manila as its capital city.

It geographically comprises 7, islands situated at the westernmost extreme of the Pacific Ocean called the Philippine Archipelago, with a total land area of approximatelysquare kilometers orsquare miles, making it the 72nd largest country by area.

Climates The local climate is hot, humid, and tropical. There are three recognized seasons: Tag-init or Tag-araw the hot season or summer from March to MayTag-ulan the rainy season from June to Octoberand Taglamig the cold season from November to February.

Dating capital ng pilipinas

The southwest monsoon May-October is known as the "habagat" and the dry winds of the northeast monsoon November-April as the "amihan". Population The Philippines has a population of 89, July est.

The Philippines is one of the most diverse countries in terms of ethnicity.

They identify themselves based on one or several factors such as ancestry, language, religion or a shared history, apart from region. The major ethnic groups in the Philippines are: Tagalog About 15 percent is Muslim and these people can be found basically in Mindanao.

The rest of the population is made up mostly of smaller Christian denominations and Buddhist. Flag description : Two equal horizontal bands of blue top and red with a white equilateral triangle based on the hoist side.

dating pilipinas capital

The blue field stands for peace, truth and justice; the red field for patriotism and valor; and the white triangle represents equality and fraternity. In the center of the triangle is a yellow sun with eight primary rays. In each corner of the triangle is a small yellow five-pointed star representing the three major geographical divisions of the country: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

In the Spaniards, led by Portuguese dating capital ng pilipinas Ferdinand Magellan, discovered the islands. The Spanish conquistadors established a colonial government in Cebu in They transferred the seat of government to Manila in and proceeded to colonize the country.

The Filipinos resisted and waged Asia's first nationalist revolution in On June 12,Emilio Aguinaldo declared the Philippines independent from Spain and proclaimed himself president.

After ruling for years, the.

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