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Dating meaning bangla desh

Dating meaning bangla desh

Bangladesh Bangladesh has been aptly described as a new state in an ancient land. Much has been written about the past glory of Bangladesh, notably in old records like the evidence of Pliny and Periplus of the Erythrean Sea first century AD.

It was drawn in Ptolemy's dating meaning bangla desh. These indicate that from the earliest times Bangladesh was known to the West, particularly for its Muslin, the finest fabric the world has ever produced. Travellers and scholars who were attracted by the charms and fame of Bangladesh since time immemorial had showered effusive epithets on its bounties and wealth, affluence and prosperity, craftsmanship and cultural advancement.

To Ibne Batuta, Bangladesh was a 'hell full of bounties and wealthiest and cheapest land of the world. Because of its location, Bangladesh served as a flourishing entry port and intermediary in trade and commerce between South Asia and the Far East.

The region also played a seminal role in disseminating its belief art and architecture in the wider world of Asia. Ancient Bangladesh took great pride as a coveted seat of learning and education and scholars from far away countries regularly flocked to its numerous universities and monasteries.

Etymologically, the word Here is derived from the cognate Vanga which was first mentioned in Aitarey Aranyaka, a Hindu scripture composed between BC and AD. Literally it means a wetland.

Muslim merchants of Arab origin used to refer it as Bangalah from which its present nomenclature is believed to have gradually evolved. Geological evidence indicates that much of Bangladesh was formed 1 to 6.

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Human habitation in this region, therefore, is likely to be very old with the evidence of Palaeolithic civilization dating back to about 1,00, years. Bangladesh has an area ofsq km and occupies the apex of the arch formed by the Bay of Bengal into which all the rivers flowing through the country drain.

Bangladesh has one of the most complex river systems in the world numbering about with their tributaries having a total length of about 24, km. The climate of Bangladesh is characterised by high temperature and high humidity, heavy rainfall and marked seasonal variation.

Soil of Bangladesh may be divided into three main categories, namely hill soils Chittagong and Sylhet regionsterrace soils Barind and Madhupur tracts and alluvial and flood plain soils. Bangladesh contains greater biodiversity than that of many countries taken together. Indeed few countries in the world can match its rich and varied flora read article fauna which are not only aunique biological phenomenon but are also a great natural resource of the country.

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Bangladeshis are historically descendants of various races and nationalities. An Austro-Asian race first inhabited this region followed by Dravidians and Aryans. There was also an influx of the Mongolians from Tibet and Mayanmar.

Dating meaning bangla desh

The Arab Muslims started coming here in the early ninth century AD. Persians, Armenians, Turks, Afghans and lastly the Mughals came in quick succession. As per the census of Bangladesh has a population of It is the second largest Muslim country.

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Traditionally a land of communal harmony, followers of other religions enjoy full freedom of worship. The economy is mainly agrarian.

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Recently there is a spurt in industrialisation with the utilisation of country's available natural resources and manpower. Trade and commerce are increasing and widening. Bangladesh is a repository of rich cultural heritage and tradition. Long colonial exploitation has largely denuded Bangladesh of its past affluence and wealth. Independence has, however, opened new vistas of prospects and opportunities.

In the final analysis, Bangladesh is a land made splendid by natural grace - a veritable mosaic in green, verdant and boisterous, with its dedicated and creative people adding color and vibrancy to it.

Dating meaning bangla desh; marriage, family and tradition in bangladesh

The landscape of Bangladesh, as if, looks like a magical tapestry in green woven intricately by nature. The country is fenced by India on the west, north and the Northeast, Myanmar on the Southeast and the Bay of Bengal on the south. Strategically located Bangladesh is virtually a bridge between south and Southeast Asia. It has a landmass of 1,48, sq. In fact, Bangladesh is the largest dating meaning bangla desh delta in the world.

The here river systems are fundamental to the country's economy and the people's way of life. Its low flat alluvial deltaic plains present an enchanting vista of vast verdant green fields sweeping.

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