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Hailee steinfeld and shawn mendes dating

Hailee steinfeld and shawn mendes dating Hailee steinfeld and shawn mendes dating

If you think that the "In My Blood" singer won't gladly fill us in on the romantic lives of his famous friends, then you've got it twisted, because Shawn Mendes' comments about Niall Horan and Hailee Steinfeld are all sorts of mind-blowing. Sure, there was tons of speculation that the pair were more than just friends, but I'll be damned if Shawn Mendes' basically confirming it didn't just blow their cover.

He not only gushed about the pair being his close friends, but also that he thought it was "common knowledge" that they were dating. It is now, thanks to you, Shawn!

When asked what he thought about Horan and Steinfeld as an item, he said, "Niall and Hailee — they're two of my favorite people in the whole world. Niall is one of my greatest friends and Hailee is one of the first people — you know when she first started out, I was one of the first people she worked with in music and I love them both.

In fact, it gets way better. Check out the video and see for yourself and fast-forward to around the mark if all you want is the gossip : Access on YouTube Fans first started connecting the dots with these two back in February, when the two were reportedly seen at a Backstreet Boys concert in Las Vegas together.

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Concertgoers claimed that the pair were looking pretty cozy together, and there were videos of Horan and Steinfeld to prove it. Then, just a month later, Steinfeld tweeted a photo of herself looking fresh to death in a Niall Horan t-shirt, and c'mon, we know a flirty tweet when we see one: The caption she posted read, " An onlooker who saw the two told People: Niall had his arm around Hailee and they were holding hands.

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They definitely looked like a couple. The pair all but confirmed their relationship status once more on Thursday, Aug. But up until our good friend Shawn Mendes gave us the low-down, we didn't really have any concrete confirmation from Horan nor Steinfeld.

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So thanks, Shawn, for sharing the news that will probably get you into huuuuge trouble with two of your close friends.

Shawn Mendes CONFIRMS Niall Horan & Hailee Steinfeld Relationship

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