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James rodriguez dating

James rodriguez dating

However, in addition to his attractive face, Rodriguez also plays football well. Even from the first days when Rodriguez became the member of the team the whole world started to talk about talented football player.

Rodriguez was called handsome and promising. Look of Rodriguez seems to be an etalon, his smile is admiring and hairstyle is very stylish.

Millions of girls are dreaming to get married with him. His wife's name is Daniela Ospina.

James David Rodríguez Rubio. Date of birth: Jul 12, Place of birth Date of last contract extension: Jul 12, Outfitter.

They have been dating for already few years. Daniela was an athlete before her marriage, and she has a brother footballer.

But, despite the fact that Daniela - the sister of the famous Colombian goalkeeper, dating of James and Daniel had nothing to do with football. Daniela Rodriguez loves her husband so much that she gave up her own sports career and began to follow her husband everywhere.

Former Real Madrid player James Rodriguez's ex-wife has revealed the reason why she split with the star, after six James is reportedly dating Helga Lovekaty. James Rodriguez is known for more than just his skills on the field. Now that the World Cup is underway, we're also looking at his girlfriend. Rodriguez was married to David Ospina's sister and they have one daughter De Lima insists she did not start dating James until the pair had.

Recently, she and Salome began attending all his matches.

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