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Silver sneakers dating

Silver sneakers dating

SilverSneakers Circuit Class with Coach Mel

For further information contact Danielle Svobodny. Eligibility Verification Before signing up the member it is recommended you verify the member's eligibility by accessing the Healthways Fitness Provider Portal.

Note: If you use the eligibility icon you must enter their full name as it appears on their health insurance card to generate accurate information. Provided by Healthways, this program helps reduce health care costs by reducing the physical and mental effects of ageing and reducing the number of hospital visits for older adults.

Prime is a similar benefit to Silver Sneakers for the non-senior population. Snap Fitness clubs will be included in the Prime program, allowing eligible individuals to take advantage of our clubs while generating revenue for you on a pay-per-visit basis.

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Snap Fitness wavies the dues, enrollment fee, and access card fee. Please note that once we hit a certain number of Healthways visits submitted among all Snap Fitness clubs in the US, the rate per visit drops.

Welcome to Your Ultimate Sneaker Destination. Log in with your Nike⁠Plus account or sign up to shop.

Whether married or single and living in the same home, each Silver Sneakers member must be enrolled separately as a single membership. The program does not pay for family memberships.

Silver sneakers dating

Whether married or single and living in the same home, each Prime member must be enrolled separately as a single membership. Reimbursement details Snap Corporate will deposit your monthly reimbursement from Healthways into your account. Your reimbursement will follow in this pattern.

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Snap Corporate is responsible for providing Healthways the monthly attendance report. You do not have to submit anything.

If a member does not use a club for a given month, you are NOT reimbursed for that membership that month but the member remains active in our database as long as he is a SilverSneakers or Prime participant. That way if they do decide to visit again, they will contact you regarding their access card not working and you can change their status back to OK.

This will cut down on having Healthways members in your system and appearing on reports that are not actively using the club.

These forms are only to be used for SilverSneakers members at this time. Additionally, if you have members enrolled in another insurance reimbursement program, then you will not be charged a second service fee.

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Please see image below as to how to properly enter the member's insurance information into Fitware. Note, it is important to fill in all the fields listed below including the group field so that your member is billed properly.

You're seeing this message because SilverSneakers has moved. Come log in to the new SilverSneakers experience! All the same features but a fresh new look. Instant Eligibility Check. For access to thousands of fitness locations, classes, & amenities. Check if you are eligible in just 4 steps. *†. 1 Name. 2 Birthdate.

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