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Dating quest van dam que

Dating quest van dam que

Choose from 5 different compartment categoriesdepending on your personal requirements, and dine in our beautiful restaurant car.

Enjoy fine cuisine and drinks. The restaurant car also serves as a bar car, so before and after meals you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and have a nice conversation with fellow travelers as you collect unique impressions of the region.

Dine in our lovingly designed restaurant cars.

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Enjoy finest local cuisine and drinks served by courteous waiters. The restaurant car also has a bar, so before and after meals you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and have a good conversation with fellow travelers or watch the unique landscapes unfold.

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The train is usually made up as follows: locomotive, luggage van with food supplies and generatorstaff car with radio compartment, passenger carriages. The restaurant cars are situated in the middle of the train.

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The maximum train length permitted is 21 cars. The train cars produced especially for Brezhnev and his comrades—the cars that now make up the Nostalgic Comfort category on the Tsar's Gold—clearly demonstrate this.

The nostalgic style is maintained in the newly built carriages in our category Nostalgic Comfort, which have also been equipped with modern conveniences. You are thus traveling in an ambiance in which Soviet top dogs would have felt at home—but with the comforts of the 21st century. Each of these twin rooms on wheels has two comfortable bunks approx.

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Guests share a washroom and shower with the neighboring compartment. Washrooms with toilets are available at each end of the carriage.

Dating quest van dam que

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